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I have no ideas. Because of this, I have depression. Please help me!

Something strange happened to me. I always had creative ideas for creating a website, and most importantly there were a lot of them. And now … disappeared. I spend hours on the resources that can give inspiration for a new project. For example Awwwards, Muzli and many other resources. But looking through them, nothing happens. There are no ideas. Never.
This is a strange sensation. It gradually introduces you into a painful depression. The days pass fleetingly, I’m constantly angry. And the reason for this is one. And you know.

Has anyone had this? How to get rid of it? Why do I have this? I need help. Because it kills me day after day.



Very sorry you are feeling this way. I found this article - I hope it helps.


I think you need to take a small break, sometime things go better after that!

Relax :slight_smile:

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Hey @Bogette Bad feeling I know…Get some rest, walk outside, watch a movie, spend some time in nature ect.

Start by redesigning a website. Find an existing site and make it better.

It happens to everyone.
Sometimes it happens that you end up in a one-way street and don’t manage to break out to the left or right by yourself.
There only helps to clear your head, which means that you should occupy yourself with other things, distract yourself, but also relax in the form of sport.
The more often you do another activity, the less likely you are to find yourself back in a one-way street.

I’d strongly recommend checking out “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. Talks about these feelings – really helped me overcome a similar period a few years ago.