I have designed a website statically, now i want to link a CMS database for my client. HELP!

I have designed a website for a client (in a draft state) and this is my first ever website build using Webflow. I have since discovered Webflow CMS however i dont know how to add a CMS database to sections/content that i have already designed.


You’ll have to replace existing items on your page with collection lists and then link elements in the collection to things like images, text, etc…depends on your use case.

That article / video will get you started.

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I had the same issue. What I did is duplicate the pages I wanted to connect to CMS. Its keeping you safe - don’t publish until you can see that its run.

Could you tell me more about how you exactly did it? When you duplicated your page, did you have to re-create your elements to connect to CMS?

You could create your collection and then go to the page and essentially drag out each element and connect it to the cms, say you have a header that is static:

Drag out a second H1 and connect it to the CMS:

Delete the original H1 leaving you with the now CMS connected version:

You’ll see the purple outline around elements that are being populated by CMS values.


could you tell me more about how you created the CMS on your already static elements