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I have an issue with one text from footer

Hey webflowers,

I have an issue with one line of text in the footer not appearing on the home page. It’s the text “Made with :heart: in San Francisco”. It seems it does appear on other parts of the website but not on the home page, and I’m struggling to find out why.
If anybody can help that would be great.

Also while I am here, on my blog post template page I noticed that some blog posts that are shorter appear to have the same text height and that results in huge white space between the end of the text and footer is this normal?

Thank you, this is the first time posting here.

Here is my site Read-Only:

published website:

hi @Dejan_Keleman and welcome to forum. Your read-only link doesn’t work but from your live link I can see that your element have set opacity 0 so it is not visible.

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Hi, Stan glad to be here.
Thank you for your message. Does that mean the element is set to ‘hidden’ on the home screen, because I only see that it’s set to visible and it’s in a footer symbol element, works on other pages just doesn’t show on the home?

HI @Dejan_Keleman hard to say without read only as hidden state can be assigned anywhere, for example from animation etc.

hopefully this is one works Webflow - Jinso

Hi @Dejan_Keleman As I have suggested, the opacity is set in your page load animations.

To prevent this behaviour on this element you can duplicate class on “Top Margin” element and after duplication rename it.

Hi Stan, thank you so much!
I wasn’t involved in developing that footer nor animations and it was hard figuring out what the previous dev did. Perfect, hopefully, this can help with somebody having a similar issue.


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