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I have an Idea for my project but no idea where to start

So I want to show more motion designs kills on my portfolio and I have this fun idea for my nav but I dont know where to begin and I bet it will take some custom code :sweat:. But who knows right.

Either my idea is to have lets say 3-5 types of lottie animations that cycle each hover over. So example would be:

  1. Hover over about text> the text melts > Hover text out goes back to normal.
  2. Hover over about text again > the text has a scratch through > Hover text out goes back to normal.
  3. Hover over about text for the 3rd time > a 3rd animation is triggered > Hover text goes back to normal.

No idea where to begin researching this or if its possible with custom code. Open the discussion and any guidance about much appreciated.