I have a problem with the Multi-image. Want the gray box "No items found" to be hidden

Can somebody help me?
I have a problem with the Multi-image. When I post a post that I don’t have any images in, in the multi-image field. Then a gray box “No items found” appears. It’s very strange because I’ve done it before on other websites. But just this one in this Collection, does it not work? Can anyone help me get to hide this grey beam?

hi @neanea6060 you have already ask IDENTICAL question on this forum in March last year. Please search forum for already solved problems before you publish a new request. Especially if you have got solution over a year ago to your own request to solve identical problem.

Repost aside …you simply click on it and hide it …

2021-07-04 12_12_12-000152

Fantastic. Thank you SOOOOOO much @Fonsume :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: