I have a folder error page displaying 404

I’d love some help around what I think may be a bug.

Short story:

  • I’ve set up a folder named WATER JET (machine-site-wireframe.webflow.io/water-jet)

  • I created a PAGE within the folder called WATER JET CUTTERS. The URL should be (machine-site-wireframe.webflow.io/water-jet/water-jet-cutters)

  • But whenever I publish, the browser (Chrome & Safari) displays a 404 error and points to the parent folder https://machine-site-wireframe.webflow.io/water-jet-cutters

  • However, when I slightly alter the slug to machine-site-wireframe.webflow.io/water-jet/water-jet-cutters-2 (added the ‘2’) everything is honkey-dory.

*NOTE: I have no re-directs set up in the site settings

At a glance, below is the folder/page structure

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 5.43.20 pm

And an example of the page that ‘does’ work.

What I want to achieve is the the slug to look like the following

Here is my site Read-Only LINK

In advance, many thanks for your assistance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Bruce_The_Impala

Seems to work on my side, maybe do CTRL + F5 or check in incognirot mode:

I had cleared cache - but apparently not :frowning:
Thanks @Leon_Servais