I have 2 majors problems in safari browser (mac & iphone)

Hi everyone,
I started Webflow since 2week and love it!

But I have two big problems on my website and the problems is not me but it’s safari.
Everything look good on chromium and firefox browser, but in all browser iphone (because all the browser use safari i think )and safari mac I can’t fix my problems.

First, in my H1 on my home page and services pages I use span for changes the font for 1 word and he didn’t work on safari (both mac & iphone)

And second problem (more big), i make a burger responsive menu for mobile, but for some reason ONLY on my home page my logo is a little bit on the right but on others pages is looking good. I fix it one time by using a css code because he creates some before and after (dont know why?) but I just change my logo on my nav and now is not working more.

(I use a plugin call SVG import for my logos

(Sorry for my english I don’t use Google translate for learn more !)

Here is my read only link : Webflow - CYADE

Here is my website if you want to inspect it on safari mac : creativesyade.com