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I give you the HTML5 Robot! Let it chose the HTML5 tag you need

Here’s the HTML5 robot ツ

I did that with Webflow a while ago, to go with a 2nd blog post on HTML5 tags, but the post may never happen (it’s very hard to visually demonstrate the benefits of using HTML5 tags)

So here’s the bot!

And here’s the post I did in collaboration with @jmw aka John Moore Williams.


Very cool. Great design!

First thing I noticed, set the links at the bottom to open in new windows, otherwise it takes me away and also resets the process.

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I hear you… I decided otherwise because I need an extremely good reason to force open in new tab to the user. it makes sense that it can break the process, but is it such a big deal?

Probably going to follow your advice though :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yay @vincent i love the sound too :wink:

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This is awesome! It would make for a very cool 404, too.

A robot to find out what you were looking for on one site… brilliant! Great idea :slight_smile:

Haha, this is brilliant and very educational! Great Vinnie! :smiley:

(love those sounds too…) :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, the next experiment around that will come with a free UI sound pack, thanks to an artist I met when I worked on the robot.

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