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I fundamentally misunderstood the CMS implementation

Is someone able to help me short-circuit some trouble-shooting by explaining to me why my approach is wrong?

This is the first time I have used a CMS of any kind. I created a CMS collection, I added a CMS list to my existing mock up - and it worked and looked as I expected:

I then added more items to the Collection, and it started looking like this:

I thought that I was going to copy and paste the card multiple times, and then select which item from the collection I wanted to use. I was very wrong. :slight_smile:

I feel like I am missing some element of styling the overall layout of the collection in the document - but I have the individual card already looking fine.

Can anyone talk me through this? Otherwise I will be going back to the drawing board to figure this out. Really appreciate it!

Thank you,

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Hi, the structure of HTML is wrong. The proper way is explained in this video: Designing with Collection Lists - Webflow CMS tutorial - YouTube

Appreciate you, will give it a try!

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