I fixed the issue

I fixed this issue and wanted to remove it.

Hi @derrick.dk, yes the before and afters are not yet built in Webflow, so you probably could use some custom css for this. Fortunately, custom code can be used in Webflow easily :slight_smile:

I am not sure if this will help, but here is a codepen I found:


and the example Webflow site with this css added to the header and the html using an embed widget:

You can use the embed and place your radial anywhere you wish in the design. Maybe something too to give some ideas. I hope this helps!

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Hi @derrick.dk, not sure if I totally understand the question, but you can put the custom css on the head of the site in the custom code tab of project settings, see here: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-add-custom-head-and-body-code-to-a-webflow-site

That will put the custom css in the head of every page when entered at project settings.

It is also possible to add custom css at the page level in page settings as was shown in the example.

I hope this helps!

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