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I find it totally hopeless to make the site responsive with Webflow!

I find it totally hopeless to make the site responsive with Webflow !! When I’m in breakpoint 1200 everything is perfect. Then down to 768 it is perfect - BUT then I scroll back and forth to 991, - then it looks terrible (So try to fix it at 991, but then back to 768, then it’s wrong there ???) . And so it continues in all breakpoint! Looks good when I’m not scrolling! - And down to 240 px, - scroll to 479 - ugh - that looks terrible. Is it just me? I have made many collection pages, and find it completely hopeless to look nice in every breakpoints.

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Hello @neanea6060

Responsive sites usually need responsive designs. What I mean is that before going to Webflow you need to know how the elements will work.

I think that you’re using the handle and you’re thinking that the dots are the breakpoints. Am I right?

You have four breakpoints > Desktop, tablet, phone landscape, and phone portrait. The handle is to see what’s happening.

Feel free to reach out if you need some help :webflow_heart:

Of course I know responsive designs! I find that in Webflow it is not easy!

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This video may help:

also, can you please provide your read-only link so we can look into this more?

Check the videos @PixelGeek is sharing. I think that Webflow is very good for responsive design. Yes, there is a learning curve, but when you know the tool you will be like ahaaa :smile:

You can check >