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I feel like Webflow was designed just for me

Thanks for this great product, Team Webflow! Just an observation here, but I notice it is mostly men who are on this forum. Why do you think this is so?

I have been working my site:

Am I overdoing it on the animations?

I am planning to split this into multiple pages soon, but do you think it’s too heavy for one page?

I did a web page test on and it loaded under 4 seconds on average, so it doesn’t seem too bad. ( This means that the code from Webflow is pretty awesome, since my site is filled with images)

Also, a question for the men, does my site lean too much to the feminine (girly) side?



Nice job !! @angela, you really show some nice style, not girly at all, perfect… !

I think your site carries the notion of playground. As webflow work, you can fine tune one or another element everyday, it’s fine. yes, there’s a lot of animations, but it’s fun, and fresh looking. If you feel it represents you, so that’s great (:

I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into that! I must say, I especially like your product branding. Nice work! I’m a sucker for minimalism, so in my humble opinion I’d dial down on the amount of animations going on since it can easily (and unintentionally) become a distraction for visitors. As far as being too feminine I’d say it’s probably just right. I mean, I’m sure you want it to capture your personality, and you are, after all a girl. Now if it had glitter everywhere, that would be a different story. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I had another concept for my site that was more serious, thinking that it would capture a wider audience/client base, but I felt constrained working in they style, so I switched to something more playful- but I’m trying to find a balance as I don’t want to come across as Disneyland.

@craigteel. ok, I’ll remember not to use glitter :slight_smile:

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Make it work with the actual site, with a button like “Is this site not serious enough for you?” so visitors can switch from one to another. Same elements, different CSS, great demo.

@vincent. That’s a good idea. I am new to web design, so just trying to figure out where I fit in.

Well I’d say for a personal portfolio/site, either you copy, steal or invent, try to get the attention by having something special, surprising, unique, funny, instead of piling up many many clients references. Only keep the super good and make it appear like it’s magic :slight_smile: (oh yes that’s easy to say)

@cyberdave Thanks for the feedback. I started with zero knowledge of web design and now understand html, css, etc just from working with webflow’s editor. I feel like Webflow is a game changer for us designers out there.