I don't want to brag or anything (tag: CMS and Zapier)

…but Webflow and Zapier rock!

I keep my customer details in Pipedrive - from first contact to finished site - and, as part of that system I store details on the hosting etc. That includes a Pingdom Uptime link to their website, a Google Data Report on Analytics and info on emails and domains they have purchased.

I have just taken all that data from Pipedrive to Webflow using a filtered Zap and I can now produce a new secure web page with all that lovely data on it - text, charts, and embeds. It looks storming, and my customers now have one place for all the data that’s relevant to them - protected for the new GDPR - I hope. (Please bring in password protected collection pages!)

I am now producing a webpage in Pipedrive, my customers don’t need to call and they can track all the data that’s relevant to them anytime. (It also saves me s**tloads of time.)



You built this in webflow? I’m curious to see what this looks like.

Here you go: https://www.ziggerwebdesign.co.uk/data-image

For you - and an aide memoir for me!

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