I don't understand

I become totally demoralized.
I can’t use any theme or create new one as i would.
And all the courses i’ve seen help me not: in all of them, all the tutors use several uploaded images with perfect and identical dimensions.
All the icons are for example 160 x 190 px, but i must think in reverse mode: i would upload my several images with different dimension, stretch or riduce into a frames of 160x190, and finally have -for example- perfect columns with perfect allignment between photos, between headers, etc.
After months i can’t understand how.
I must quit?

Here is my public share link: http://elio1.webflow.io/

Ok your icons, they’re multicolor and made off images, so you can’t rely on a vector, permissive format like SVG.

So, you need images, gif, jpeg, png.

If the point you’re trying to make is “I want a perfect result without having to prep up my images and spend time desiging them”, well, I don’t have great news, you’ll never get great result. Web design requires work upfront, and especially on images. It’s a whole process. Either you do it or another designer do it but someone has to work on the image, alter their sizes, dimensions, optimize them. I must be using more than 10 tools for image optimization… Most of them I paid for, sometimes expensive.

Webflow brings a lot of magic but there’s magic they can’t do. Image manipulation is a big deal in web design. Illustrator, Photoshop and many other programs are never closed on my computers.

So, don’t be demoralized Stefano! Work and find your best workflow, look for software that will help you save time and efforts, learn how to use the new Exports and multiple exports features in Photoshop. That’s something Webflow isn’t telling in their videos, because it’s outside their scope of features. So you got to develop those skills on your own.

Don’t give up yet!


Ohhhh many many thanks: now i understand!!
I have never consider to separate the complete images manipulation from Webflow, and that was driving me mad.
Thanks God i usually work with Photoshop.

  1. in broad terms identify or create a Webflow theme;
  2. organize all the groups of site images;
  3. and only then merge all together.
    Unbelievable where my Webflow learning was stopped.
    Vincent, thanks a lot and best wishes.
    With gratitude.
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