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I don't know how to create a related post section in the dinamic page

Hey guys, i been workin on the FAQ’s dinamic page… in order of relevance i did 1 collection for product type (first in hierarchy), 1 collection for categories of the product (2nd hierarchy) and 1 collection for tags of the faq’s (3rd hierarchy). Here the specs

After that layout i want to make a "Related posts"section with the title, short info about the question and tags of that question, like this example from stripe:

Am having 2 big problems

1.- i built it taking a collection list fetching my faq’s with a filter of “category of the current faq”, but don’t know how to avoid that collection list, drag the same question where am i.

2.- I cant find the way to drag the list of tags for each question shown in the coleection list

Here is my public share link:

Link to the dinamic FAQ example



Add more details (what do you mean by saying “drag the list”).
Also add the collection-page or page name (Where you got problems).

edit @Siton_Systems beat me to it :smiley:

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You can’t I think, there’s no way to display the multi reference field in a CMS Collection List item. For that we need to be able to nest one collection list in another but that is not yet possible.

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thank you! never thought about it (you may think am fool, and i dont mind hahahaha)

Thank you! i really appreciate your help

No one thinks you’re a fool :slight_smile: CMS has its logic, it’s not too complicated and you’ll master it, one thing at a time.