I did the things. Still my site wont show up in google

My site is done. jacobanddebbieacro.com. I followed some instructions on how to make it show up in google but no luck yet.

I registered my site with google search console. I added meta data to my main page. When I search for my website on google nothing comes up. I looked through a few pages of results. I see my webflow forum questions in the search but not my website.

What should I do to make my site show up on google?


How long ago did you publish your site? How long ago did you register your site and submit a sitemap?

My site has been online for months but I just recently finished it. Two days ago I put in Meta data and registered on google search console. I submitted a site map. I did the fetch as google thing. I did all that yesterday.


I looked around on google search console. Where I submitted the sitemap it says “pending” . Maybe that is it. How long does this take to finish?


It can take a few days to a couple weeks. Google’s bread and butter is indexing what is on the internet, though. So, rest assured, your site will be indexed as quickly as it can be.

Does it really take weeks? It has already taken one week. I read that a page should start showing up in google after two of three days. I think I did something wrong and if is never going to work unless I do something.

@Jacobbrownacro What was your meta tags before?

Your site index by Google - search this:

Google Search for a specific site - how to

Put " site: " in front of a site or domain. For example, site:youtube.com or site:.gov . read her

– Rank is another issue/topic

Yes it is working, with this format it is easy to search the website…

I worked on my site today. Is the only place I can add tags in the meta description? If I want to add a bunch of acrobatics tags such as…acro, acrobatics, dance lifts, standing acro.

Another question…I read that my home page should not be called “home”. Is this true?

How do I put new tags into effect on google? I think I did it right. I save webflow project and then go to google search console and fetch as google and request indexing?