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I created new collection fields on CMS, but I can't seem to chose them on editor?

I’m building a portfolio with different pages to each project using CMS.

I created rich text fields on the “Projects” collection to be able to add different content to each project (challenges, approach, services offered…), but when I’m on Designer mode and I add a text block or heading, I’m not allowed to chose the new fields I created (they’re not there!), I’m just allowed to use the plain text fields set by default on the original template (title, BG image…).

I need them to fill each project with its content (project description, project images, etc). Right now, if I change the text from one project, the very same text appears in every project.

I’m afraid I set the basics wrong with this one, and I don’t know how to proceed?

Here is my public share link: LINK

You can only bind a Rich text Field to a Rich Text element.

Headings, paragraphs, text elements can be bound to Text Fields.

Could creating Plain Text instead of Rich text be a solution?
Because those new fields still don’t appear in the drop down menus.

Yes. Rich Text is only for quite long styled texts.

@vincent It just came to mind that I didn’t thank you!
Everything sorted now, thanks! :blush:

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You’re very welcome! Great that it works now, and you probably understand how the binding between fields and elements works now.

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