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I can't switch to Ecomerce Standard hosting

Hi, :grinning:

I’m new in the webflow community

My project currently has Basic Hosting, I want to switch to “Ecommerce Standard hosting”, but when click on “Switch to Ecommerce Standard hosting” it doesn’t work and this error message appear: “Customer cus_EYPwuzIebMcHm8 does not have a subscription with ID sub_EYPwXofEEMhHun” . :tired_face:

Does anyone know why it doesn’t work?
Thank you for your help :pray:

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Hello @Clement_Dabreteau

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Silly question, but is the ecom option turned on for the site?

I will tag @PixelGeek He can help

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thank you for your answer @PiterDimitrov

I’m clearly a noob in webflow, chere can I see if this option is turned on or off?

Thank you so much :grinning:

Hi @Clement_Dabreteau

You can check to see if Ecommerce is enabled by clicking on the shopping cart in the Designer. That said, if you currently have Basic Site Plan, it’s not possible for Ecommerce to be enabled as it requires a site plan first.

That said, it sounds like this could be related to a bug that’s affecting some customers.

Can you please reach out to us here with the following information?

  1. Site name
  2. Email address associated with Webflow account

Once we have this information, we can help get this resolved by upgrading you to the Ecommerce Standard site plan manually from this end.

​Thanks in advance!


Hi @Brando

Wich Site Plan should i use? Basic ? CMS ? Business ?

Yes, I sent you all this information

Thank you for your help !

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