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I can't see the full menu on a horizontal mobile device

I create a dropdown menu for tablets and mobile devices. But I can’t see the full menu items when I look at it on my horizontal mobile. I added this to the page head setting to make the bg no scrolling when I open the menu:

.body { overflow-x: hidden; }

The website link is :

Would appreciate any help!
Thanks so much!

Can you post screenshots of the error youre describing? It appears to functional normally for me.

Did you review it on your real mobile device horizontally? It looks normal if you review it on a laptop.


Unfortunately I am unable to view it on a real mobile device because I dont have your web io link.

However try this:
YOu need overflow auto in portrait mode:
See the following screenshots for edits to div block 70 and 71 :

Thank you for your reply. I set div block 70 and div block 71 to auto mode now. I can see there is a gap when I scroll down on android. And I can’t scroll the menu on iphone. I attached two images here.


The view link :
The read only link: Webflow - PXP.CARE
Thank you.

Only 70 should have overflow not 71

thank you for your reply. I set 70 to auto overflow and 71 to non overflow.

It works on some devices. But I can’t scroll the menu on iphone 11 and google phone and there is a gap at the bottom when I scroll the navigation on Samsung galaxy s21.

Thank you again.

Finally , I found it out. Thank you. I need to update the styles for tablet version too. Thank you so much!