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I can't see my website

my webpage, I can’t see it any more, what can i do? It works on mobile but not in pc. I have already cleaned the cache… help…

I think I see it OK.

Try on another session on windows, should work.

hmmm nop, any other ideas that i should try?

You see nothing in both Firefox, Chrome and IE? Even in another session? You’ve rebooted, tried in a new user session and still nothing?

Hi @patricia, the reason you cannot see your Website, is that you are using an html file on your own server, and this html file is using an iframe to load the Webflow site from:

Webflow no longer allows for sites to be served via iframe in the browser. So when you pull up your site in your browser, there is a security content blocking taking place. This security content blocking via iframe, is also a security measure for Webflow and Webflow customers.

You have a couple of options to fix your site:

  1. You can host your domain in Webflow, and you do not need the iframe at all
  2. You can export your site from Webflow, and upload the files to your own server

Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers ! Dave