I cant see my new Section


I’m following along in the Webflow 101 series and I’m in the Site Build: Logos lesson.

Silly question but I’ve added a Section to the bottom of the page but I cannot see it. What am I doing wrong? Can you help?

Do you mean this section?
If so, it just has no content, so it’s just 0px high.

@memetican you da man. thank you much!

@memetican follow up question…

I seem to have a problem with my Nav Bar visibility.
I think it’s related to the spacing settings I have on my Body, Nav Bar, & Section but I can’t figure out what they ought to be.
Can you help?

You’ve set your page Body element to flex, vertical centered. That will affect all of the children including the navbar, which already has specific navbar-oriented CSS.

I always leave Body element layout as Block.

If you want to do interesting layouts to your page content, wrap the page parts after the Navbar in a DIV and apply your special layout work there.