I can't scroll on published website

Hello guys, i’ve seen some topics about this problem, and i tried multiples things, but it still don’t work. On my published website, i can’t scroll to the bottom of the page, any experts around here ?

Thank’s a lot !



Can you share your staging link as well?

done :wink: Thx for your attention

I think 2 things could be causing this issue.

The first thing is that several of your sections are set to Relative. I would change your bg-fixed element to a z-index of -1 (is there a reason you don’t have the Linear Gradient just set on the Body or the main_wrapper element?), and then set your section_propos, services, and galerie all back to Static instead of Relative.

Republish and see if that fixes the scrolling. If that doesn’t work, try setting all the images in the Galerie to Load Eager instead of Load Lazy.

Let me know if these don’t fix the issue!