I can't login as a collobrator to a webflow website?

I’ve made a webflow website and published it with custom domain. When I tried to login there to edit content it says "cannot find collaborator with email: " that email is the same email as administrator of this website. In collaboration tab my account is listing as admin.

I’ve tested on Chrome by clearing cashes. I’ve tested in private tab also.
can’t I edit a website as admin or what am I missing?

(Beside that, I wanted to add my another webflow account as a collaborator. It sent an verification email to that account. In verification email there was a link and that link is a “join” link not login. I have already a webflow account with that email. I closed and re-entered edit mode to the website and tried to login with second email that I just added as colllaborator but in that case “verification is needed” error I got)

thank you