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I can't get to manage Interactions with breakpoints

I have made a cool Interaction for a header block. I don’t want it to happen on mobile. It seems it’s all the time or never though, if I set it off for mobile, it’s also off everywhere.

Is there a workaround?

Many thanks.

Fantastic software.

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Hi @vincent,

We’ve been considering some solutions for this at Webflow HQ. Currently there is not a workaround, but I will be sure to let you know when we come up with a good way to handle this.


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Hi there,

Is there any way to adjust the Interactions to be different on Mobiles and Tablets?

I’m working on a splash page where I’d like ‘WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ large in the main part of the welcome window and then have it move and shrink back to the top of the page. It looks awesome on my Mac but causing havoc on the tablet / mobile versions.

Thanks in advance :smile:

PS: Loving the interactions addition!

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@RemeStudio Can you share a link or email us at support(at) with your url?

We might be able to provide some responsive-friendly tips for your interactions. In general, anything using pixel-based dimensions could get you in trouble on smaller screens.

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