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I can't get any elements to fill the first square of a grid when set to auto

Here’s an image of what happens in any grid that I make:

I have no idea why I’m not able to use the first element of a grid. If I set an element to manual, I’m able to manually move it into the first place, but it will cause other elements to rearrange themselves strangely. Also, I can’t switch an item from auto to manual and back to auto. When I try to do it, the column start/end and row/start/end gets set to NaN for every value.

Would appreciate any help!

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hi @JoeyJungle, the container is not the recommended element for a grid. Try using a DIV within the container so you can customize it with more flexibility.

Attached a screenshot for your reference.

Thank you so much! That’s working much more like the tutorials now! I think the tutorials mentioned that anything could be turned into a grid, good to know that it’s best to use divs :slight_smile:

They can be used, but the way you are using it is actually cleaner to have it inside a DIV.