I can't find a way to make a div "slidable"

I’m having trouble getting the div in the second section to become a slider. I don’t want to use the native slider because it doesn’t have very fluid interaction.

I have tried to use the overflow settings, but I don’t really know how it works to make a div “slidable”. I’m also using the CMS content list, but any solution that doesn’t involve adding custom code would work. If there is a way to make a “Free drag snap” slider like in Splide JS (https://splidejs.com) it would be perfect!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of williammensley

Howdy @WilliamM and welcome to the community! :wave:

The easiest way to get the same functionality as you’re seeing with SplideJS is to utilize SplideJS itself. Technically it involves some custom code, but it’s fairly straightforward and there are some examples in the Showcase that you can clone to get started:

This one specifically has a bunch of examples to get you started without too much extra styling outside of what Splide includes by default:

There are also a ton of guides available on Spline’s website that you find below:

Keep in mind that the slider won’t work in the Designer, so you’ll need to publish the site to check the functionality.

If you get stuck you can reply with the issue you’re running into and someone can take a closer peek to help you out :+1:

Thanks for the answer, Mike! Since I don’t have a Webflow subscription, I can’t add or rewrite any custom code. I saw some cloneable sites in the first link and each one has some custom code.

If it’s not possible to achieve interaction like Splide JS, I would be satisfied with a div or a list that just swipes horizontally (it doesn’t even need to be with a CMS collection).

I’m new to Webflow and haven’t found any specific content about it. Could you tell me what I did wrong so the div doesn’t swipe or build a cloneable section? That would mean a lot, honestly.