I can't figure out why the links are broken in the infowindow on Google Maps. They work on Desktop just not Mobile?

the infowindow from Google Maps has a link to another page that works on desktop but not mobile. Does anyone know why and or how to fix???


Hi @Brian_M_Fromknecht, thanks for the post. Do you have a link to the published version of this site available and instruction on what button to click to open/view the google map that is showing the incorrect detail?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there cyberdave! Boy do I have a strange one going on here! I have since applied the Google Maps API and the links are now working on both desktop and mobile devices ONLY. The links DO NOT work correctly on TABLET view and in fact takes you to a Google aerial map of my house! SO BIZARRE! Any chance you could help me out on this one? Here is the published link: http://catholicschoolfinder20031-ec84dd9813a2b.webflow.io/

This Google Maps thing has pledged me far too long and the agency I built the site for is going to start advertising it tomorrow 1/19/2016. So I’m in a crunch. Any help is very much appreciated!
Thanks again!

ALL CLEAR. All views / licks are now working. I thank you for your help @cyberdave

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