I can't add Custom Domains with the Personal Plan?

I just switched to the Personal Plan on Webflow and I got a nice message saying “Go forth and make nice things.” I tried to add a custom domain, which it listed as one of the features, but it says upgrade to add.

If I can’t add custom domains on this plan, I’ll have to switch back to the default plan. Thank you!

Custom domains are a per-site upgrade, and is not part of any plan. The benefit for upgrading your account is $5 custom domains per site instead of $15.

See https://webflow.com/pricing

Ah, I see. Thank you very much! I’m already paying a recurring fee for my Godaddy domain, why do I have to pay more just to use it?

Maybe because your site will be hosted on a Tier 1 CDN, Amazon Cloudfront and Fast.ly servers. And Godaddy you paying for domain name.

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