I can't access the Webflow support page

I am having issues adding items to my CMS. I keep getting an error code that says - Invalid locale 6673fe4f6c03151f5e2c3ada. I have tried to open the Webflow support page to complain but the link is not working. I have tried severally.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Meji Meji
(how to access public share link)

Hey @Tobi_Efunnowo1

Can you try accessing support.webflow.com again? I’m not seeing any issues but I did see a potential one that has been resolved from a few hours ago when you may have tried to access it.

Hi, has this issues been resolved? I am having the same problem after attempting a wide range of things from editing plans, hosting, importing CMS items, attempting to add them via the new editor settings but nothing seems to work. If anyone has found a solution for this please let me know. I have also contacted support. It allows me to create collections, but not items. It returns the same “invalid locale” error message.

@Drew_Schafer - Tagging you here for the above message. Thanks!!

Thanks @Thomas_Tweddle can you DM me your ticket number? I’ll follow up with our support team. Cheers!