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I can't access an old pdf uploaded through CMS post

Hi guys, so i will explain in a very detailed way what happened to us.

We created a Terms and conditions page for our Marketing campaigns… along with it a CMS to post the new T&C’s per each marketing campaign.
the CMS includes a file slot to put the PDF with all the campaigns specs.

Our Marketing manager made the new post called "XYC"and uploaded the t&cs pdf on that CMS post and published it, after publishing that, we created a email campaign to share the promotion with our users, but after sent, we made some fixes on the t&C’s pdf, our marketing manager went to the respective CMS collection to update the pdf file, he replaced the old one instead of deleting it. So actually we didn’t get rid of the old file, it just got replaced and… it went to a 4th state of matter were we cant access to it!! hahahahaha

  1. i tried to find it in the assets panel on the editor but nothings there.
  2. also tried to make a redirect from the old pdf link to the new one (so if our users click the email they go to the new file), but it seems we cant redirect assets in webflow.

i need HULP!!! asap

Hi Rafael,

I believe that “replacing” a file, is deleting it and uploading a new one at the same time, but I am not sure about it…
Maybe @Waldo or @Brando can help here