I cannot use collection item in dynamic list

Because the item I created in the collection template is draft I cannot use the content of the item in dynamic list. What those who does not have an upgraded account, using hosting outside webflow will do then? Please clarify if ‘collection template and dynamic list’ modules are an option for every designer.

Nearly 1 week passed over my post and I didn’t get any answer and still wait for the support team to see the post and count the days:(

Hi @mertitiz,

My apology for such delay, it is a bit hard to understand your question :confused:
If you point collection item like a DRAFT it will mean that you do not want it to show up on the site (yet). And really I can’t figure out how it is connected to “outside hosting”.

Maybe if you will give more detail we could find the right solution.


Yes I point collection item like a DRAFT. When collection item is a draft it cannot be seen as option in the dynamic list. How can I select this item in the dynamic list eventhough it is saved as ‘draft’?

For seeing that item in the dynamic list, you will have to uncheck “DRAFT” option and save it as an item.
No other ways, it is what for was created “draft” option, when item is not ready yet to be saved.

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