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I can use a project only as a subdomain?

I can use a project only as a subdomain?

I have main domain in other platform.

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Create a subdomain on godaddy or wherever your dns is (probably a cname), enter it under hosting in Webflow’s settings and update your dns settings for the subdomain with the details Webflow gives you.

Im looking for this situacion:

it is possible?

My domain and Subdomain is with AmazonDomains.

Thank you.

I’m not familiar with Amazon Domains, but yes, we’ve got this subdomain on Webflow:

Thanks for the reply.
Could you give me instructions on how to do it?

Like I said I’ve never used Amazon Domains, but you’d go to Webflow Settings, hosting, enter the domain you want to use,, and then go to Amazon Domains and add the settings Webflow supplies you with once you’ve added the domain to your hosting settings in Webflow. Found this on Webflow for Amazon: Creating records by using the Amazon Route 53 console - Amazon Route 53

Thanks for your attention, I will try.