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I can´t use my assett folders when replacing an image

Hi everyone,

When I click the cog on an image to replace and image, my asset folders are all greyed out.

I sorted all my images into categories/folders, but I can´t access these folders when I try to replace an image.

If I have a lot of images and I can only sort by ´Newest First´or A-Z, I can´t use my folder which I created.

Am I doing something wrong the way I replace an image?

Thanks all!


When I click on the image cog and ´Replace Image´ I can´t access my folder.


When I click on the image but then the cog ´Element Settings´ in the side panel and then ´Replace Image´, I can access the folders.

So I´ll just use that way instead.

Hope that helps someone who got stuck like me.

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If I click the image, then the image settings I get the same problem as you can’t select folder.
They are greyed out.

If I click the image and its little cog icon which pops an image settings window it still does not work.

If I click the image, then the side bar images icon, I see the folder,
I open the folder and select the image I want and it replaces the selected image.

Your post made me go figure out my issue as you managed to find a solution.