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I broke the grid!

I did the Privacy page, then went to the Terms page.
Both pages have a heading, and then below that is a 2 column grid.
The grid is 2 columns wide. I want both pages to have the same look, like the Privacy page.

On the Privacy page I can put Column 1: 100 px/30%, Column 2: 186 px/70% and the grid heading behind these numbers is red.

I broke the Terms page grid. It now has a white background behind the numbers and when I change the numbers in one column it changes the numbers in the other column, so somehow they are now linked together. Help!

So when I put 100 px / 30% in column 1, it also shows the same in column 2 for the Terms page.
So it shows Column 1: 100 px/30%, Column 2: 100 px/30%.
The Privacy page still is fine.
How do I get the Terms page to show 100 px/30%, 186 px/70% for the grid?

Can you please share your read-only link so we can take a look at the issue?

This isn’t the original, only a copy.

And maybe you can take a look at the color and bold issue that I have in the other post 10 hours ago? In the hand held phone view only, I am having problems bolding or coloring text on the Home Worry Free Method page, in the paragraph near the top of the page in the tan with orange lettering. Finally I just made it all tan on the phone view since I couldn’t make it work.

It looks like you’re using some different classes on each of the pages, so change the class on the Terms page from “Grid 16” to “Grid 15”—this will give it the same properties as your Privacy page:


It’s worth noting that you’ll want to make sure your headings (both along the top of the page, and to the left of the paragraphs) are also using the same class so they share the same appearance.

If you end up wanting to make a change to one of page elements, just add a combo class and modify the properties as needed. Now changes made to the parent class shared by both instances will be made without overriding the changes to the combo class variation:


Let me know if you have any other questions!

Awesome! Works well now.

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Glad I could help out! I also took a moment to reply in your other post so feel free to reply there if you have any questions.

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