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I broke my mobile layout - help needed

Hi Everybody -

Not sure what I did - I was trying to fix my landscape mobile layout and I ended up breaking the entire page on portrait (mobile). The page is overflowing to the right and is in general overextended all across the page. I’ve checked every section and component and can’t seem to find the culprit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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it looks like one of your grids has a margin of 30px on both left and right sides.
I removed it in “Layout > Alt Sections Alt” and set it to 0px.

Does that solve your problem?


That did not fix it unfortunately.

The “Hero Overlay” element has 20px padding on the right side and your “parallax Content” has 30px on both sides. Also, temporarily removing the padding from the “Alt sections alt” object, to add universal padding if everything works.

If I remove them, there is visually no content overflowing to the side that I can see. Does this work for you?

I guess this will come down to margins & padding of certain elements.

Thank You for your help. This did not fix it, but I was able to figure it out eventually.