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I bought CMS Hosting. Do I also need the Lite plan?

Hey there,

I finally decided to buy the CMS hosting for my website. Until now, I was exporting the code and publishing it on my personal hosting. To do this, I was paying for the Lite account plan. I only have 1 project and don’t need any more to export code. Do I still have to pay for the lite plan? Or with the CMS hosting is enough?

I am looking forward to your response :wink:

Hi Loan!

The Starter Plan allows you to have a limit of 2 unhosted projects with 2 pages each. To unblock that limit you can either add hosting or upgrade your plan.

In your case, since you already added hosting, there is no need to keep the Lite Plan - you can go ahead and downgrade to the Starter plan.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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Thanks Nita :wink: Really appreciate your help!

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