I bought a template and is there any way to download all the assets included?

I bought this template -> Saasly - SaaS HTML5 Responsive Website Template

I want to download icons, images, pictures that included as Assets.

But disappointingly I cannot find a way to download files in the Assets tab.

How do I do it?

Hey @Steven_Jang, Try this chrome extension to download resources.

Hope it helps :peace_symbol:

You can also export a site and get all the assets as part of the zip file.

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I was trying to use the export feature but unfortunately, I only paid for the basic plan that the export feature did not allow me to do that.
Is there another way maybe with an FTP?

There is no FTP. You could use wget to do it. There are tuts on downloading sites with it on the web.

Man, 80 dollars is a lot of a template, I think I could download them for free on a torrent. Look at the site you downloaded from, there should be some tutorial for beginners, or you can go to Pirate Bay, I know there’s an explanation of how to reserve files, format, and do other manipulation with files. You can see there’s a lot of explaining.