I am very very sad, I get no help from Webflow

I have change an e-mail address on 2 sites of a website, but after publishing, - Webflow did only changed the first e-mail address, - but not the the next one I changed on the other site of the website! - Webflow still take the old e-mail address ???
I have published 10 times. But still the same??

I have written to Webflow, but get only this message:
Thank you for reaching out, but this is not an active email address for Webflow Support.
Please submit this request via our Support Portal to contact the Webflow Customer Support Team:

Thank you for helping us provide faster service as our team continues to serve the Webflow Community.

Our Best,
Webflow Customer Support

I got no support, and I pay a lot for this program???

So nobody can help me???

The community can’t. Maybe you should try to use the original email address your account used to reach out to support. If that comes back with a similar message then try whatever you changed your email to. You should be able to initiate a ticket with one of them. Good luck.

I have tried, - but I can’t find out where to e-mail them?
I only get this e-mail back (which I mentioned above)

  • here is no help to get from them. And I pay a lot to use this program.


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