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I am unable to make my menu functional for smaller screens

Below is the link to my portfolio page.
I don’t know how to make the menu function on smaller screens. Hopefully one of you guys can help. If you find any other issues with the pages please feel free to recommend changes. I will be more than grateful.

Thank you so much.

hi @Tanishka_Sharma I do not know what you mean with

as it is very broad description (no description) of your issue. Anyway If you mean when page content is over your navigation you can solve it for example by setting z-index

Hi! Sorry for the poor description. I meant even though the buttons appear I am unable to click them on smaller screens to go to targeted pages. Also I don’t know how to remove or hide my logo from the nav bar for smaller screens.

hi @Tanishka_Sharma there are some misconception what elements should be used in navigation. In Navigation you should use links instead WF buttons and hide element on given viewport is one of basic things you can learn on Webflow University.
Anyway, here is short video that will show what you should do.

Hope you will find it helpful :wink:

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