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I am trying to make drop down menu that is multi column

I know how to make a drop down menu but I would like it to have two columns instead of one. I tried dragging the multicolumn into the drop down but then it won’t let me add links?

See here the “mega drop down menu”. I think you can drop whatever you want in a menu… including rows and links.

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Wow - yes that is exactly what I want to do. I seem to pretty slow at learning this interface. When I try and add things it just disappears. I basically trying to emulate this site

on webflow here
Starting with the quick links at the top with two columns of text and then I was going to tackle the mega menus. So far though all I can get is the text links to go side by side even though I dropped a two column block in there.

Check this and tell me what you don’t get from there (let it the time to upload)

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Thank you Vincent! That did it! I was just clicking in the wrong areas and also when I tried to manually make the links it didn’t want to span across the column. I followed the steps in your video though and I was able to emulate it. Thanks for taking the time to show :smile:

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Everybody duck and cover, giant menus are on their way! (:

You got it! Major link farm to cover all!