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I am struggling with Webflow, coming from Muse

Can someone please help me before I throw the towel in as for as Webflow is concerned. I come from using Adobe Muse for a few years and was looking for a replacement program. I am currently looking to build a site with a navigation fixed to the left side of the page on a one page site. The links within the left navigation would auto scroll to the section requested within that one page. I managed to clone a Webflow site and started playing around with it in order to learn. I understand the concept behind the Webflow interface however I cannot get the page to scroll other than for one link. I duplicated the interaction and changed the div name to the new div name and it only will scroll to the first div as assigned to the first link. Is there something I am missing? I even tried to use “page anchors” known as Element settings/ DIV ID’s in Webflow, and still nothing. I am doing something wrong? I watched a few Webflow videos however it also surprises me that more developers are not posting their own videos o using the software as like Adobe Muse users. What software are other web developers using to replace Adobe Muse?

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I would advise sticking with Webflow for a while… I also came from Muse, and while it does require some upfront learning (their University is good, as are all of their YouTube webcasts), but the more you learn, the more you will be glad to be done with Muse…

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