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I am having trouble with my site on mobile

Essentially, I figured out how to remove a few items from mobile to make it fit better but Im trying to better have the box around location fit better than it does right now. I’ve tired everything I know how but would love the thoughts of the community. Read only below:


I am not sure what exactly are you trying to achieve layout wise on mobile but you can do something like this:

27%20PM 09%20PM

If you like this let me know, i can walk you through it… if not, provide an example of what you want…

I like the current layout for desktop but mobile I am open to pretty much anything. I just want it to work.

One questions, in your example, advertising is a different size than full time and Los Angeles. Is there a way to make that all the same size? or maybe center them instead of align them to the top?

Long answer but yes, I would love your help lol.

So to achieve a layout like this:


use the following settings for the job card and settings:

I tried what you said but I did something wrong. My version does not look like yours :rofl:


Here is the read only link