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Hyperlink spacing issue


I’m having an issue with properly using hyperlinks in the blog post section of website I’m working on.

Basically- I’m putting links to other blog posts in existing blog posts. I’m using the Webflow CMS and a rich text element that gets populated by what I put into the CMS.

I’m able to link posts, but there is a strange spacing issue that I just can’t seem to fix. I’ve attached 2 examples of what I’m talking about- it seems like the link itself is taking up more space than the text its being linked to. Anyone have any advice on how to resolve this? Just trying to have normal hyperlinks.

@kelan123 - your a tag has 60px of right padding:


Sam- thanks so much for the quick response. Exactly why we use this service.

I’m familiar with how to remove padding on webflow elements, but how would I do it with linked CMS text?

Thanks again.

@kelan123 - you’ll have to select an anchor (link) element and get to the All Links selector:


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