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Hype Button That Triggers Webflow Interaction

I’ve meant to test this experiment out but I haven’t had a chance yet so I wanted to put this question out there.

If I create an animated button in Hype, where clicking on the button causes the button itself to animate, perhaps having various complex timeline-based animations to play inside the button, can I place that code inside a Webflow html widget, inside of a Div and have an interaction on the Div to jump, on click, to another section on the page. In other words, one click does both things, plays the Hype animation, and activates the Webflow interaction. Does anyone know if this works?

I think it should work, just make sure that you place that html inside of a link block (that way you can make it link to the section on the page easily on click). I know that hype can spit out some pretty bloated code sometimes, but am interested to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

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Waldo, my first experiment is at this link:

Ignore the fact that the button animation is messed up, I just threw it together. So, it did work, in my first experiment, to just link the clicking of an embed widget element to an interaction event in my webflow page, the rotating of an icon (the bird). The next thing to figure out is how to get it to rotate that bird every time the user clicks, not just the first time. Checking the loop box doesn’t seem to do anything, either. Am I the first person to try this with Webflow?


Can you send a preview link? You should be able to get that interaction on every click. Is the button supposed to be super tiny?


Waldo :slight_smile:

Hi @elcalibano :smile:

can you send a preview link?

Here is the link:

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