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Hue rotation transition on page load - clockwise?

Hi there,

I was trying out the Hue Rotation filter transition on my website’s logo on Page Load. Unfortunately to make it look nice it needs to turn clockwise. That way it looks like the sun is rising. I can only seem to make the Hue rotation go counter-clockwise though (through green instead of through purple). Is there a way to do it clockwise?

Here is my public share link:

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Hello @Jorik

Is this what you’re looking for? >

Hi @PiterDimitrov, no that just makes changes/sets the start or end position in the Hue range. Once you press preview it goes through green (counter-clockwise) instead of through purple (clockwise). Does that make sense?

I hope there is a way to make it go clockwise :confused:

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Oh actually sorry it needs to go Clockwise I mean, not counter clock wise. It seems to go only counter-clockwise :confused: I’ve edited my previous posts @PiterDimitrov

What if you add - to the 210 deg? Looks like purple is added

Screen record >

With -210 starts with green > blue > purple > original colors

Yeah that works but I’ve actually just found a way to not have it start on green. I made it end on 359 degrees instead of 0 degrees, which makes it turn clockwise instead of counter-clockwise starting from 210 degrees. Strange but I guess it does the trick. Thanks for your help though!

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Yeaa I was little bit confused :smiley: