Hubspot Meeting Scheduler + Webflow

Hi, I am not yet a Webflow customer and we’re looking at migrating a marketing site from self-hosted Wordpress to Webflow but it’s dependent on being able to embed all the same elements from Hubspot into Webflow.

Can webflow embed the Hubspot Meeting Scheduler? or can Webflow give me a refund if I can’t since they won’t let me even test it in the demo without signing up as a paid customer. (The embed component has a star on it which then takes you to the pricing page.) For the uninitiated, the Hubspot Meeting Scheduler is their rip off of Calendly which feeds into the Hubspot CRM. It is not the Hubspot form which I see can work via crappy embedding or Webflow form routed through Zapier or Vimkit.

I should add that I hate Hubspot with a passion and I would not use it if people weren’t already attached to it and if Calendly offered localisation. This is a make or break thing for us using Webflow.

BTW, what forum platform is this?

Welcome to the community,

You can pretty much put anything you want into the site, and while I haven’t used this specific embed before, I cannot see why there would be an issue.

Discourse is quite popular, and available as open source.

Thanks for the hasty reply! Discourse is pretty slick, have to keep it in mind for our platform.

Ok after reading the Refund Policy:

We take great pride in making the best web design tool on the web. If you’re not happy with your Webflow subscription, you can cancel any time.

If you’d like a refund, [please get in touch with us within 30 days] of your most recent credit card charge and we’ll issue you a full refund.

I just got the paid plan and found that the Hubspot Meeting Scheduler does embed and it is responsive enough to work on Desktop and Mobile. The problem is Hubspot doesn’t make this widget play nice straight out the box anyway, it has weird scrolling problems on mobile and their styling settings for it are very limited. It’s a similar situation to why people don’t like the default Hubspot form. Really this just serves as a lesson, friends don’t let friends use Hubspot.