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Hubspot Contact Form Not Responsive in size

Incorporating Hubspot form into the webflow built site below.
Hubspot says the code is stuck at 300 width in size ("the iframe has a width of 300 applied to it. ") for all sizes and they can’t figure out how to change the webflow code.

Question: Is there a way to make this contact form responsive so response fields spread out?

Online Version:

Read Only:

Hubspot form should like this:

Any thoughts on how to make it responsive would be welcome.

Thank you, ajh

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello there :wave:

There should be a way to modify that, but unfortunately we can’t offer support for external forms. You should be able to set the iframe width to 100% in the code or somewhere on the Hubspot platform. You can then add the HTML embed inside a div block in Webflow and give that div block a defined width.

The style of the form is provided explicitly by Hubspot in this case.

Here is Hubspot documentation on embedding forms if you haven’t already seen it.