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Https/ssl fails for custom domain

i just added our custom domain to webflow (Domain and DNS runs on AWS) and the root domain as well as the www.* are listed as valid and working in the webflow dashboard.

However i get internal SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT errors when accessing it.
Any hints on how to fix this?


Here is my site Read-Only:
read only weblfow

changed my webflow site to to investigate further while not having our main site down.

problem persists:
custom domain is flagged as all ok iin webflow but SSL fails.

Flush your browser cache or test in another browser. If your local machine has stale DNS records cache you can flush that too. I tested and had no issue.

Thanks for your reply!
I managed to solve it in the meantime.

The issue was:
I had set the root domain ( and not the www subdomain ( as default in the webflow hosting tab, which resulted in this weird SSL error.

So for anyone coming across this with DNS handled by AWS: check your default domains! (Has something to do with CNAME flattening)


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