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Hey there

Struggling to get the text columns looking good on this page when in mobile and tablet views, have a feeling I have some settings wrong so the text boxes aren’t stacking, can anyone point out a solution?

Hi there - welcome!

First, please post a “read only” link to your site

Second, please explain what does “looking good” means specifically - what you would like to achieve, please provide a detailed explanation or an example of what you want…

People here really love to help but it would not be possible as it is since no-one but you understands what you like


Thanks for the tips is the read only link and detailed explanation is as follows.

I’m happy with the text columns in the desktop view, but on mobile the main lorem box does not go underneath the left hand column, instead it goes off page. After the image break the second section of lorem does not go full width of mobile either, which I would like to improve!

That’s definitely where I need help, insights appreciated

do you have a sketch of what you want your end result to look like? so it is easier to understand? I will try and make a mockup for you…

On mobile I simply want a single column text that fills 80-90% width of screen. That’s what I’m struggling to get currently.


@ak192 Set children to wrap

As promised, this is a link to a responsive mock up of your page

This is so helpful, thank you x1000!