Https:// redirect

When I access my website through it does not work.
Apparently Google SEO requires this to be set up properly. Anybody has ideas on how to redirect to

My website links are below.

It looks like you have an extra DNS record for  299 IN  A  299 IN  A   <----- This one  299 IN  A

Once you remove that record we will be able to provision an SSL certificate for the domain.

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Thank for for the suggestion. Following that, we went into namecheap, our DNS provider to check on the A records.

As seen in the Screenshots, we are only able to see 2 records and not 3. Do you possibly know the reason why?

Thank you.
Kelvin Liew (Mr)
Alpha Providers LLP | Chief Operating Officer



I’ve managed to remove the above problematic DNS record via Namecheap by removing their default url redirect. Turns out that pointed IP was meant for re-directs.

I’ve also managed to set as the main domain.

Would be glad for advice on what the next steps are as https:// non www version is still not working. Wondering if it might be the SSL certification.

Do let me know if we need to take any more actions for to work.

Thank you!


It all looks to be working now from my end! Is it working for you now?

Hi Nathan,

It works now! Thank you.

Thank you.



Hey Thanks, for sharing this information. I have also a website which I wanted to redirect it but I was not able to do…Now I can try…!!:grinning: